connectedlearning.us is a Colorado based, national not-for-profit.

An official Chapter of the U.S. Distance Learning Association (usdla.org), connectedlearning.us (fka Colorado Distance Learning Association) was founded in 2011.

As a membership based organization, our purpose is to provide the following for our members and communities:

  • Advocacy
  • Information
  • Networking
  • Programs
  • Opportunities

We seek to address connected learning communities including: digital health/telehealth/telemedicine, home schooling, pre-K-12, higher education, continuing education, corporate, and government training. Membership is also open to those interested in connectedlearning and associated best practices from the worlds of artificial intelligence, virtual/augmented reality, blockchain, libraries and museums.

Our programs, in addition to Annual Conference and Symposiums, along with quarterly events, include communitytelehealth.org and connectedlearning.network.

Both are based on emerging partnerships with schools, libraries and museums. These programs aim to address underlying social determinants of health in communities by implementing the tools and technologies intrinsic to connectedlearning.

With deep roots in the evolution of distance learning, we’re keenly aware of its ever changing nature. A key benefit of membership in connectedlearning.us is that together we’re better able to assess and adapt.

Our traditional programs include panel discussions, webinars and our always successful annual conference/symposium, coming in late Fall.

If you’re an educator, a student, community leader, a creative, a coder, trainer, education administrator, healthcare, library, museum or communications professional interested in connectedlearning and/or Telehealth, we urge you to join our digital tribe. We value your thoughts. We know that your energy can be transformational. The creativity you bring will be at the center of this organization’s future

Here is our 2018 – 2019 Board of Directors:


Bob Dinegar


Vice President

Ed Bostick



Neil Schaal PhD


Provisional Secretary

Jerry McCarthy


Physician Advisor:

Ron Pion, M.D.


Gianna Sullivan



Bryan Nation