We’re pleased to embark on some ambitious new programs this year, in addition to some which may be more familiar. They include:

At inception, this is a digital signage installation displaying on large 4K screens in public installations on the walls of libraries, schools and museums. It will feature creative, artistic and educational content in both dynamic and static formats, framed by text crawl featuring pertinent contextual information, e.g. about local programs taking place within the library, etc. All content will conform to mutually agreed written standards., as a program of will employ a business model similar to National Public Radio, with paid sponsors and underwriters whose messaging will be made available on the 4K screens. We’ve identified the necessary technologies and components and are confident they won’t encroach on staff or infrastructure of participating facilities.

Also, we’ve begun the process of establishing a core nucleus of Founding Partners for institutions to serve as sites for initial installations and for sponsors to provide seed funding in exchange for preferential run rates.

 Community Telehealth Centers:

Initially, this is a secure network designed to facilitate remote behavioral health services to patrons in their local libraries and students in their schools. Libraries have begun to hire social workers to meet their patrons’ needs, since often they are outside the traditional job definition for librarians. As it develops, CTC will also be able to facilitate some remote primary medical services and chronic disease management.

Our intention is that the sponsors and underwriters of will see their investment in our programming also blossom into jobs and opportunities for those providing these vital services in our communities.

Annual Conference/Symposium

Since our founding at the dawn of this decade, our signature program has been the Annual Conference. Over the years, we’ve engaged with and presented leaders from the three largest MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses), Coursera, EdX and Udacity; the author and media theorist Douglas Rushkoff (named one of the “world’s ten most influential intellectuals” by MIT) and a myriad of thought leaders whose participation have given these Annual Conferences a reputation for high quality, stimulating content.

We intend to continue this tradition with renewed energies this year. Leading up to it, a series of mini-conferences featuring a robust blend of presenters and panels will be announced very soon. Although typically late Spring has been when the Annual Conference has been held, this year we’re trying something new by holding it in late Fall, before the holidays. Details as to venue and a date certain are pending.

Be sure to sign up to receive additional information from us. We look forward to renewed momentum!